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Toot. This place hasn't been the same since I accidentally trashed my instance. :c

@ticky all the eShop balances get merged when Nintendo Network got swallowed by Nintendo Accounts.

Good to know: Raspberry Pi is not vulnerable to Meltdown/Spectre because they use processors that don't do speculation.

Also a nice, clear explanation of how the vulnerabilities work.

Apparently I had a broken AAAA record for my Mastodon instance. Hopefully as caches expire things will self-repair.

@chr might be worth dropping your professor an email about that?

2017 me, emerging from DeLorean, to 1995 me:

So, this new 'Pentium' chip, turns out the whole 'speculative execution' road is a bit of a mistake. Yes it makes Doom faster but 22 years later all our computer systems are hacked each week by gangs of roaming cyber-criminals wearing vintage 80s micros as cosmetic jewellery on their leather jackets

1995 me (stuck in E1M2): Got it, Doom will get faster

2017 me: Did you even hear a word I said? I said the 80s are going to be fashionable again.

Stolen from Reddit r/Sysadmin

"A CPU predicts you will walk into a bar, you do not. Your wallet has been stolen."

And google post in advance it's disclosure of intel (but also of AMD and ARM) security vulnerability.

That looks like a real mess.

Turns out TempleOS isn't affected by the Intel bug

Which I'm sure is good news for all one people that use it

I accidentally deleted my Mastodon EC2 instance, so am slowly refollowing everyone.

New year, new me? 😅

Mastodon is one server in the network