hello, my name is harley. i struggle with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, in particular with completing lofty projects after exhausting my existing knowledge on a subject.

in an attempt to get better at this, i'm trying to write down what i'm up to and share these notes back.

several pages here aren't publicly viewable so i'm encouraged to be more blunt than might be reasonable for content publicly viewable on the internet, so it's possible you might encounter an “Access Denied” error.

this wiki is a Service Provider for the keycloak IdP, which grants access to draft pages here. you can use the “Login with Keycloak” link in the bottom right of any page to elevate access.

if we're twitter mutuals or similar, i'll probably be happy to grant keycloak credentials if you ask.

  • Last modified: 2021/06/10 16:27
  • by Harley Watson