Amateur Radio

Recently licensed in the United Kingdom as a radio amateur in May 2020 following the RSGB's introduction of remote invigilation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Issuing Administration Callsign DMR Date
FCC (United States) KO4PBT 3179471 5 April 2021
Ofcom (United Kingdom) 2M0LOB 2354753 25 August 2020
Issuing Administration Callsign Date
Ofcom (United Kingdom) MM7HTW 18 May 2020

Member of the West of Scotland Amateur Radio Society and the Radio Society of Great Britain.

I'm sometimes on Brandmeister through a Pi-Star/MMDVM hotspot.

I operate a public ADS-B receiver, uploading flight data from Glasgow to ADS-B Exchange, FlightAware, Flightradar24, and Plane Finder. Live flight information can be viewed through readsb radar.

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